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7-day mini-course

Master Superfoods: Transform Your Diet

Sick of feeling deprived on a ‘healthy’ diet? discover nutrient-rich dietary diversity with superfoods that nourish your body and gut!

Done with diets that are as monotonous as they are nutrient-poor? In just one week, unlock the secrets of superfoods to add an array of nutrients and flavours to your meals—elevate your gut health and nourish your body the right way!

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Superfoods list<br />

Superfoods List

Get your hands on a comprehensive list of 25 crucial superfoods, organized by categories like grains and seeds, fruits and vegetables, proteins and fats, and spices and herbs.

Food diversity is important<br />

Diverse Meal Plans

Access three example one-day meal plans tailored for omnivorous, vegetarian, and vegan diets, showing you exactly how to fit superfoods into various eating lifestyles.

food guide<br />

Preparation Guides

I’m including four short guides, each focusing on a different superfood category, to teach you the best preparation and cooking methods for maximising nutritional value.

Superfoods mini-course

Superfoods for Health-Conscious Beginners

7-day mini-course

Discover nutrient-rich superfoods that can elevate your health and help keep you well.

What you’ll get:

Video Introduction to Each Module

My List of 25 Essential Superfoods

Superfoods Cooking Guides

Cooking Tips to Maximise Nutrients

Example Meal Plans

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